Clay Budach, CFP®


Clay is a dedicated Certified Financial Planner™ specializing in tax-efficient retirement distribution. Clay has a genuine passion for understanding each client’s unique goals, and values. In addition to being a CFP professional Clay is also featured on the Fee-Only Network. As a Fee-Only advisor Clay recognizes this is the highest legal and ethical obligation he can hold for his clients. Clay writes more about this topic here.  Having entered the industry in 2018, Clay obtained his Certified Financial Planner™ designation in 2021. He holds a degree in finance with an emphasis in personal financial planning from the University of Northern Iowa.

When Clay isn’t in the office or meeting with clients, you’ll likely find him pursuing his passions outside of work. An avid golfer, he enjoys hitting the fairways and challenging himself on the course. Clay also has a deep love for travel and cherishes quality time spent with friends and family. As a recreational triathlon athlete, he eagerly participates in the annual IRONMAN event, fueling his determination and resilience.

Clay’s enthusiasm for sports shines through, particularly when supporting his beloved Midwest teams. You can always count on him to cheer on the Vikings, Twins, and his favorite college teams from the state of Iowa.